About Judea




Justice and Development for All (JUDEA), is a Community Based Organization based in Nguruka, Uvinza district, Kigoma region. The CBO was founded in 2016 by followers of Catholic Church. The idea to start the CBO was prompted by the fact that a large of majority of community members in Nguruka ward live under extreme poverty, furthermore, HIV/AIDS has compounded the situation by adding a burden to community members where now the elderly are taking care of orphans and in other circumstance some children are found to care for other siblings. JUDEA operates in collaboration with Nguruka Parish (Diocese of Kigoma).   JUDEA services are provided to community members without boundaries of religion, tribe and gender. 


 We strive to serve the disadvantaged segment of the community through application and 

deliverance of life changing approach


To improve the household living condition of Nguruka community by improving its income through application of community based and participatory approaches.

Sectoral Specific Objectives


To provide support to selected underprivileged children to attain education to their full potential


  • To support underprivileged children to attain at least a secondary education
  • To provide school supplies and school uniforms for those unable to pay
  • To help collect funds to pay tuition for children whose parents are in financial difficulty


(1) To strengthen the capacity of Nguruka health facility, in providing diagnostic and treatment services to patients.

(2) To build awareness of people about illnesses and raise the health seeking behavior. 


  • To support HIV victims who live under very limited resources and cannot afford food and other basic necessities
  • To support people with chronic illness and disability, with a special focus on enabling these people to maintain their dignity with meaningful work
  • To support the local health  center which serves more than 200,000 people with very limited equipment and funds 
  • To educate people about chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, and to address the fear,  poverty and misconceptions that prevent them from obtaining proper  diagnosis and treatment
  • To work with pregnant women to help reduce both maternal and infant mortality.

Care for elderly:


To identify and support the elderly in need so to realize basic needs in collaboration with other 

Implementing partners.


  • To collaborate with volunteers (Caritas Group) from Nguruka parish to provide health and nutrition services to frail, impoverished and neglected elderly
  • To arrange permanent housing for elderly in need
  • To provide medical services  for sick elderly and wellness services to both  educate and support healthy seniors
  • To provide for those elderly with special needs, such as those with leprosy



To improve household income through self-propelled approaches.


Judea wants to improve economic empowerment of local people by organizing small businesses which will increase their family income. These are:

  • Soap-making businesses
  • Fruit and vegetable gardening 
  • Sewing and embroidery 
  • Rearing chickens


To date a number of activities have been implemented by the CBO using funds obtained through fundraising as well as donations from friends . The activities are as follows:

Care for the Elderly: 

  • In collaboration with Nguruka parish, Judea supports 32 elderly people who are sick and home bound by providing them with food, clothes, and medical care. This is done through local parish fundraising as well as small donations received from individuals.


  • Works with the parish to  support the only kindergarten school in the village
  • Helps with religious education for our young people
  • Supports about 10 disadvantaged pupils attending primary and 10 students who are attending secondary by providing them with school supplies and school uniforms and by helping to pay their school tuition. This is done through individual donations

Economic Empowerment to promote Small Business

  • Justice and Development for  All has mobilized community members to start economic strengthening activities as an approach towards poverty alleviation. A group of 40 people have been selected and sub grouped depending on the interest of the members. These activities are such as:
  • Soap making group with 15 members
  • Horticulture production 7 members
  • Poultry keeping 10 members
  • Sewing and embroidery 8 members


  • With the support of the Norbertines Community of Wisconsin, this year JUDEA has renovated the water system at our local health center so the hospital can have water in the maternity ward and other wards and offices.
  • We donated two blood pressure monitors and two glucometers to the local health center because these necessities were completely absent
  • We are managing follow-up treatment for some of elderly who have leprosy, making sure they get their medication on time and are compliant in their use
  • We are currently monitoring the medical treatment of two teenage village girls with undiagnosed, disabling illnesses.

JUDEA Future Plans

 Housing project for elderly people: 

The CBO has bought a land, a total of 13 farm acres where it expects to construct a 10-room building to shelter about 25 elderly group who will be in need of accommodation. This building will be located within easy reach of health and social services. The money was donated by a donor friend and one of the JUDEA devoted team member from United States of America who preferred to remain anonymous. 


JUDEA anticipates to support the parish capital campaign for high school construction. 


JUDEA plans to develop its website through which the public can be informed about our mission, goals and accomplishments and through which donations to our many projects can be made.