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 Justice and Development for All is committed to support the government in improving the quality of education of primary schools at Nguruka Ward which has more than 5500+ school pupils. The primary schools face shortage of important teaching materials , text books, and teaching aids are not sufficient to meet the need. Currently, the book ration is 1:4 pupils, forcing some of pupils to be demoralized as they don't perform exercise nor get time to perform assignment given by teachers  


 Despite considerable efforts by the government to improve the quality of education in the country, the quality of education is still faced by huddles such as: Rapid expansion in enrollment where a classroom is now having more than 80 pupils instead of 40 pupils which is a national standard. The schools face shortage of textbooks where the national standard is, 1 textbook for two pupils (1:2), due to shortage of textbooks the ratio is 1:4 up to 1:25 depending on school and subject. 


 Education is the best alternative for these pupils to climb out of poverty circle. Justice and Development for All is in motion to create a conducive and friendly learning environment for these children by providing the schools with basic facilities, availability of textbooks will improve and increase the number of pupils who read and perform assignments given by school teachers. Pupils will also be able to make studies outside the school time. 

Long-Term Impact

 Children completing grade 7 would receive good quality education which would enable them to realize their full potential in a career they choose. The education they receive is the key to lifting them and their families out of a vicious cycle of poverty, and hence improved life and overall contribution towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals globally 

Education Sponsorship Program

Education is highly valued and we need sponsors.  Please consider adopting a child to support their education ( tuition, school uniforms, school shoes, transport cost, books, medical cost, and other school supplies).

For $500 a year you can change a child's life!


Sr. Magdalena Chubwa, a native born of the Nguruka village, will perform all bookkeeping functions relating to donations. She asks that payment be made ONLY in the form of checks made out to: Living Waters International, Inc. 

Please send checks and completed sponsorship form to: 

Sr. Magdalena Chubwa

2 Convent Road

  Morristown, NJ 07960

The transfer of donated funds is accomplished as follows: 

  • After donations are recorded, all checks will be forwarded to Living Waters  International
  • Living Waters will then transfer the monies to the JUDEA foundation in Tanzania
  • The  JUDEA team will supervise the disbursement of funds for each child’s designated needs

JUDEA guarantees full accountability for all received funds. All donations will be documented, and twice a year you will receive a report of your sponsored student. Our local staff will work to support communication with the sponsored child, and regular updates about child academic development will be made available.

Your help and encouragement for your new friend is highly important and very powerful in making this child’s educational experience a fulfilling one.

Contact us with Questions:


Questions and comments may be directed to Sr. Magdalena Chubwa at:

Email: nkeregochubwam@gmail.com

US based 501 (c) (3) organization through which funds will be sent:

Karen Prunty Living Waters International, Inc.
Web: www.livingwatersinternational.org

Email: livingh2o@livingwatersinternational.org

Tanzania Contact:

Justice and Development for All

% Fr. Sabas Banshirahe

P.O. Box 14, Uvinza


Email: judeatanzania@gmail.com